Custom Care Lines

Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc. has a strong understanding of the unique needs of specialized populations, organizations and life situations. With this understanding, we have developed the capability to customize phone counseling services that are designed to meet these needs. We specially design each Care Line based on what the client company is looking for, the populations they serve and their specific needs. Working side-by-side with clients, we have successfully designed the following Care Lines:

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Grief Line is a counseling line dedicated to working with people who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one. These issues may include:

  • Fear of being alone
  • Coping with stress and depression
  • Starting life without a loved one
  • Interacting with people after a loss
  • Feelings of desperation
  • Mortality issues
  • Changes in family relationships

Elder Care Line offers confidential phone counseling as a benefit for people who live in Assisted Living facilities or who are members of Homeowner and Condominium Associations. Elder Care Line services are also available to members of social, charitable, civic and professional organizations and clubs.

Caretaker Care Line is designed to provide support to those who play the role of caretaker. It is essential that professional caregivers realize that they are at great risk to suffer from depression, stress and other physical illnesses. Our Care Line helps caretakers identify the signs of burnout or depression and take concrete steps to address both their psychological and physical needs.

Pet Line is a support line dedicated to working with those who have lost a pet. Losing a pet is like losing a family member. Our pets provide us with a lifetime of unconditional love and when this special relationship ends, we feel grief. Trained Pet Line grief counselors offer grief support and counseling for those who are grieving the loss of a pet.

Pet Caretaker Support Line offers support and counseling to those working with pets. We offer phone counseling to veterinary employees who may be working through personal situations. Our counselors have extensive experience in working with a diverse array of life issues and offer daily assistance and support.

I Care Line provides pre and post-operative counseling and support for those who are members of participating vision insurance programs. The I Care Line provides emotional support and guidance in addressing the fears, anxieties, anticipation and worries associated with surgery and doctor visits.

Student Assistance Line offers a variety of support to students of all ages. We help students manage the pressures and difficulties they may experience during their academic careers. We teach positive coping strategies and provide tools to assist students in becoming more resilient so that they are better able to work through the demands of an academic life.

Disaster Assistance Line offers immediate support and assistance in the event of a tragedy or crisis. All Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc. counselors are specially trained in Crisis Intervention. Our Disaster Assistance Line provides immediate access to crisis counselors for on-site interventions as well as immediate phone support. We also maintain a continually updated database of crisis resources.


At Charles Nechtem Associates, our passion is serving people. 
There are times in everyone's life that are challenging and difficult – times when you or your family members need help, support or someone to talk to. The counselors at all of our specially designed Care Lines offer this help compassionately and confidentially.

If you have more questions, please look at our Custom Care Lines FAQ for additional information.