Who we are

Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc. is a progressive and innovative healthcare and workforce solutions company staffed by licensed providers who are passionate about their work and committed to providing caring and knowledgeable support to our clients’ employees and their families. 

Since 1981, we have built our company one business at a time by providing top-notch, clinically-based mental and behavioral health services for corporations, county and city governments, universities, hospitals and other institutions worldwide.  We currently have contracts with over 1,000 client companies and provide employee assistance and managed mental health services to over five million employees and their families.


Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc. excels in providing the following services to our clients:

Employee Assistance Programs

Behavioral Health Managed Care

Wellness Coaching Programs

Customized Assistance Programs


At Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc., we take pride in what we do, and the quality of our service is unsurpassed.  We guarantee that every call is answered within three rings by a clinician with a Master’s degree or Ph.D. and five years of experience in the counseling field.  We are prepared, and we do what it takes to meet the needs of our clients and to support them in developing the capability to achieve and maintain well-being.

How we are different

  • We are time-tested. Many of the clients who joined us in 1981 are still with us. This serves as evidence of the quality of services we offer and as proof of a sound understanding of this field. 
  • We are independent. During the recent financial difficulties faced by our nation, we watched as other EAP companies affiliated with larger institutions were forced to consolidate, becoming larger in their quest to streamline services and decrease costs.  Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc., on the other hand, has been able to continue our services uninterrupted and without any change in personnel, philosophy, commitment or quality.
  • We are flexible. No board of directors, no bureaucracy. This allows us utmost flexibility to respond quickly to your changing needs and to customize our services to meet your expectations.  We provide uniquely tailored products and services and adjust our policies and procedures to meet your evolving needs. 
  • We are well-prepared. We hire experienced, highly trained, motivated and committed employees who inspire confidence and trust.  Clients immediately recognize that they are speaking to a professional counselor, not a clerk or intake coordinator whose purpose is to sort calls.
  • We are experienced. Our unique team of skilled and experienced psychologists, social workers, and human resource specialists are national leaders in building and maintaining high quality employee assistance programs, work/life programs and managed care systems that help to reduce healthcare costs and improve employee performance.   
  • We are thorough. We pre-certify each and every provider in our network and stay up to date with the changing landscape of behavioral health. Our most recent addition is the option of employee wellness coaching. 
  • We are dedicated. While some EAPs limit the length of their phone calls, our counselors are committed to doing what it takes to meet the caller’s needs and taking the time to do so.

More questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn even more about your EAP.