Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc. Adds Over 10,000 New Articles to Work-Life/ Health & Wellness  

As part of our new Enhanced EAP product line, we have added over 10,000 articles to our Work-Life / Health & Wellness Library.  Through the library, employees are able to access our online searchable databases including Child Care Centers, In-Home Child Care, Summer Camps, Family Child Care Providers, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, In-Home Elder Care Options, and Legal Referrals.  

In addition, our library contains many useful tools such as calculating future costs for college education; tools for budgeting, financial and retirement planning, access to over 400 medical and mental health videos such as coping with cancer or new treatments for psoriasis’ and assessment quizzes for topics such as alcoholism, or emphysema. 

The heart of the library features over 10,000 new articles covering a wide array of topics including: family life, legal, health, financial, emotional well being and personal growth. Our Solutions Center features some of our most popular topics including adoption, buying or refinancing a house, creating a will, debt and bankruptcy, fitness advice and smoking cessation among numerous other topics. To learn how your company can subscribe to this exciting new feature, Contact Us today.