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Charles Nechtem Associates, Inc. utilizes solution-focused counseling.  Our goal is to assist the caller in resolving the issue(s) that are interfering with his/her personal or work life in the most efficient manner possible.

We use EAP counseling to both define the issue(s) to be resolved and to guide the caller through a resolution process.  This includes short-term EAP counseling for the majority of callers and referrals to community treatment resources when the caller requires more intensive or specialized care than the EAP counselor can provide. 

Network providers are closely monitored through employee satisfaction surveys, and our provider relations department ensures that all providers are properly licensed and meet all individual state requirements.  They also verify that a provider has no history of ethical violations or complaints.

When clients are referred for face-to-face counseling, they are provided a counselor that is within 10 miles of their desired location – usually work or home. 

Every effort is made to accommodate the personal preferences of the employee in terms of gender, location, financial situation, cultural background, religion and/or age, without compromising the quality of care.